To acknowledge the legacy of Max Mannheimer (1920 – 1916) and his contributions to the IYM Dachau, the Max Mannheimer Scholarship was constituted in 2018.



The scholarship includes the participation fee, the travel costs and pocket money for food and drinks.


The scholarship holders process their experiences during IYM in a creative way. While being at the International Youth Meeting, they do a social media-project, a photo documentation, or an art project. After returning home, they present the result in their own country.


If you want to apply for the Max Mannheimer Scholarship, please send us your motivational letter and your project sketch to schuller-mueller•kjr-dachau,de. The deadline is April 15th. Tell us why you want to be a part of IYM, what experiences you have with the history of National Socialism and about your voluntary engagements.