The application process starts on February 1st, 2024!

What: 42nd International Youth Meeting Dachau (IJB)
When: July 27th – August 10th 2024
Where: Max Mannheimer Haus, Roßwachtstraße 15, 85221 Dachau
Age: 16 – 26 years
Language: English
For locals only: People living in or near Dachau have the opportunity to participate without accommodation and/or for only one of the two weeks.

Please note that places are limited! For Participants who need a Visa, the application is possible until May 31st, for all other participants it is open until July 20th.


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We have an Erasmus accreditation. Under certain circumstances we can refund the travel expenses for participants from the EU. If you are part of an organization or an informal group which is certified by Erasmus, please contact schuller-mueller•kjr-dachau,de.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What happens after I apply online?

You’re going to receive a confirmation after posting your registration form. Please note that this confirmation is only final when a receipt of payment is noted or (if appropriate) a Visa is about to be issued.

When do I have to pay the participation fee?

All participants are required to transfer their fee prior to the IJB. You’ll receive further details from our office after your online registration. If the transaction fee is exceptionally high please contact our office.

When can I take part in the IJB?

The age limit for the IJB is 16 to 26 years. Unfortunately, interested teenagers who only turn 16 during the IJB won’t be able to take part for legal reasons.

Language skills

Adequate language skills in English (Minimum B1) are essential for partaking in the IJB in order to fluently communicate with each other. Attention! – all the workshops take place in English!

A keen interest in the IJB's content

The content of the workshops and the examination of historic aspects are central components of the IJB. Therefore it is mandatory that all participants take a keen interest in the topic of National Socialism and make a contribution to the IJB by actively taking part.

I am interested in the IJB's topics, but don't know much about the history of national socialism. Can I still take part?

Previous knowledge is not necessarily required, but we do encourage you to read up a little on the subject. That way you’ll be able to take more in and quickly take part in discussions.

What do I have to be aware of if I'm under 18?

Participants under 18 are under the supervision of the IJB teamers. They also have to abide to German law. In order for you to take part we need your legal guardian’s signature. You can download the form here. Please print it out, have it completed and signed by your parents. After you have scanned it in PDF format, please upload it during the online application.

How can I withdraw my registration?

You have to notify the IJB office by post that you want to declare your withdrawal. Conditions on refunds of your participation fee are stated on your application form.

I would like to give a lecture or offer an activity.

We’re thrilled to have participants contribute to the IJB’s program. Please inform our office in time, so we can include your ideas into the schedule.

I can't get hold of anyone at the IJB office!

Unfortunately the IJB office is neither occupied all day long nor every day of the week. Try again! The most promising way to get hold of us is by sending us an e-mail.

Anja: schuller-mueller•kjr-dachau,de

Catharina: koke•kjr-dachau,de