The International Youth Meeting in Dachau provides participants from all over the world with a space that allows them to confront themselves with questions regarding the past, the present and the future. Every summer over a hundred young people from around 25 nations come together to engage in the history of the Concentration Camp Dachau, National Socialism in general and deal with today's forms of exclusion, racism and discrimination.


Experience history in significant locations, by listening to eye witnesses and finding out more in workshops

Other important historic locations are going to be visited alongside the Concentration Camp Memorial Site Dachau. You’ll be able to hear first-hand accounts from eye witnesses and get into a conversation with them about their experiences. In workshops you’ll deal with national socialist tyranny in view of current developments. You will also be able to process your experiences in a creative way.


Meet young people from everywhere

On the IYM you’re going to meet interesting young people from many different countries who are interested in history and want to make a difference. The encounter of diverse cultural contexts makes different aspects of history tangible and you’re going to learn to interpret historic events from new perspectives.


Experience history in an entirely different way

During the IYM you’re going to take part in workshops that are being conceptualized and carried out by an international team of young people. The application of interactive workshop methods and the small difference in age between the workshop teams and the participants will make you experience history in a very different way from school.

Shape the future

Spread the word and make new bonds

During the two weeks of the IYM you’re going to meet young people with very different backgrounds. This requires curiosity, tolerance and openness. We wish for these experiences to be passed on to the participants home countries and new bonds to be kept up across borders and time.

Many of our participants leave the IYM with a feeling of having made a crucial experience as well as a contribution to a more peaceful world. In addition nearly everyone takes long-lasting, cross-border friendships back home. Most keep their time at the IYM in their memories forever – if they don't decide straight away to come again next year.

“The entire program is being organized by the teamers, who are just a bit older than me. You can discuss in a different way and history here is different to school.“ – Ferran from Barcelona/Spain

“I can’t compare one day to another, since every day brings something new and something to remember. The whole two weeks are, for me, the best part of the summer holidays.” – Klaudia from Oświęcim/Poland

“The IYMD is an incredible chance to get to know more about the period of National Socialism in Germany and to re-live the scenes as they happened by visiting the historical sites and talking to eye-witness. For me it is important to have a remembrance of these happenings.” – Mohammed Anes from Batna/Algeria

Feel like taking part in this year’s IYM? You can find all information on how to participate in the IYM on the next page. We’re looking forward to your online-application.