The Project

The IYM has been taking place in Dachau every summer since 1983 and was founded by young people from Dachau and the surrounding area. Teenagers and young adults from various countries delve into the history of the Dachau Concentration Camp, the history of national socialism, and current forms of marginalization, racism and discrimination. Together, on the site of the former Concentration Camp, they seek answers to questions concerning the past, the present and the future.

The participants are being accompanied by a team of mostly voluntary employees. In personal conversations many survivours of the nazi tyranny give accounts of their experiences during the persecution, in concentration camps and/or in the resistance,

The International Youth Meeting took place as a tent camp for 15 years. Since the completion of the International Youth Hostel Dachau/ Max Mannheimer Study Center in 1998 participants from Dachau and abroad have been meeting here. Many of our participants leave the IYM with a feeling of having made a crucial experience as well as a contribution to a more peaceful world. In addition nearly everyone takes long-lasting, cross-border friendships back home. Most keep their time at the IYM in their memories forever – that’s if they don’t decide to come again next year.


The International Youth Meeting is being organized by three main supporting organizations as well as a mostly voluntary team. The supporting organizations provide employees as well as financial resources and decide about the IYM’s general framework. The supporting organizations are the following:

Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend
in der Erzdiözese München und Freising

Jana Wulf BDKJ-Diözesanvorsitzende
Preysingstr. 93, 81667 München
Tel. +49 (0)89 /480 92 23 13

Förderverein für Internationale Jugendbegegnung
und Gedenkstättenarbeit in Dachau e.V

Zur alten Schießstatt 1, 85221 Dachau
Tel. +49 (0)8131 / 83303

Kreisjugendring Dachau
Ludwig Gasteiger, Geschäftsführer
Mittermayerstr. 22-24, 85221 Dachau
Tel. +49 (0)8131 / 3567810

Project management

The International Youth Meeting got a new face in 2019. Stefanie Steinbauer will be the future project manager. She is a pedagogical adviser and has become active on many occassions due to management of youth groups and the creation of proven workshop and performance concepts. She owns a Master of Education and Master of Arts. In the latter case her special interest laid upon approaches against group-based enmity and methods of historic-civic education.



Catharina Koke is going to support the new project manager Stefanie Steinbauer for the first time this year in organising and leading the International Youth Meeting. Years of practical work with young adults gaining lots of knowledge and experience led her to teacher training concerning grammar school. Therefor she studied German studies and Protestant Theology. During her studies she was exceptionally interested in ecclesiastical history during the Third Reich. She now is deepening her knowledge working on a doctoral dissertation.


Voluntary Year



Hi, my name is Emma Schunter, and I am 19 years old. I live in a little village close to Munich. In September 2021 I started my volunteer year at the KJR Dachau and now I am working together with Stefanie Steinbauer. I graduated from school this summer and I actually had the plan to go to Canada for a year before studying. Due to Covid I wasn’t able to do it. The main reason I applied at the KJR was the IJB. I have always been interested in the history of Germany during the second world war and I love to get in contact with people from all over the world.



The IYM Team consists of around 20 young adults, who are partly from the Dachau/Munich area, partly live in other places in Germany, and even abroad. Internationality gives the IYM team it’s distinction. Thus young people from Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, France, Spain, Iceland, the USA and Germany have been committing themselves to the IYM in the last years.


The International Youth Meeting is being supported by: