37th International Youthmeeting Dachau: 27.07. – 09.08.2019
Max-Mannheimer-Haus Dachau

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At the International Youth Meeting young people from all over the world get together in Dachau.
You'll be able to meet eye witnesses here and deal with historic and current forms of nationalism, exclusion and discrimination of minorities.
But there's also going to be time to connect and party together. You'll definitely have an unforgettable time.


The 36th International Youth Meeting Dachau has ended sucessfully. The plannig for the 37th International Youth Meeting Dachau has already begun.

  • We are looking for a new project management for the International Youth Meeting. Here you will find the job posting:
  • New! Application for the Max-Mannheimer Scholarship possible. You find information about the scholarship here.
  • The application for new teamers for IYM 2019 is possible until the 11th of October 2019. You find further information here. The application form is online available. If you have questions please contact the project coordinator: come [at]

Reports on the IYM Dachau

First preparation weekend for the IYM 2018

From the 2nd to the 4th of March 2018, the team of the International Youth Meeting met in the facilities of the “Jugendsiedlung Hochland” in Königsdorf, Bavaria, in order to develop a schedule for the IYM 2018 together. Also taking part in the meeting were staff members of the KJR Dachau. Along with “ice-breaker activities”…


Press review of the 35th International Youth Meeting Dachau

Due to it’s 35th year of existence, the International Youth Meeting once again became a subject of medial coverage. One of our aims is placing our interests and issues, that are being adressed on the IYM, in the public. Thus, we are hoping to focus on fields that are -in our view- underrepresented or not being…


New project manager

The 35th International Youth Meeting is going to take place with the help of a new project manager in person of political scientist Dr. Robert Philippsberg. His pedagogical, political and historical skills make him a particularly suitable fit for this task. Philippsberg did his doctor’s degree on the protection of democracy Germany and has, in…