Team, project management and representatives of the hosts met at the Max Mannheimer Haus in Dachau from March 8 to 10 for the first preparation weekend in 2024.

Friday, 08.03.2024

After the welcome and clarification of organizational details, the group began with a round of introductions and a game so that old and new team members could get to know each other and exchange ideas. Afterwards, the expectations for the weekend were collected and a discussion was held on how IYM Dachau could become more sustainable. This involved the level of material resources as well as the reuse and further use of the concepts and results of team members and participants. In the evening, the team received an introduction from media educator Anne Röpke on the topic of ‘multimedia storytelling’ and then discussed whether this format could also be used for IYM Dachau.

Saturday, 09.03.2024

After a warm-up, the team discussed together how the project could be promoted even more intensively. Before collecting ideas for content with the representatives of the Protestant Church of Reconciliation and the Förderverein, we discussed which formats of IYM from the previous year should be retained and to what extent the structure should be adapted. We then worked in small groups to develop proposals for this year’s program and laid out the rough planning. After a team-building exercise, the team discussed the requirements for their role as team members and supervisors. This was followed by an introduction to the German Youth Protection Act. The second day ended with a review of the current awareness concept and reflections on how it could be further improved.

Sunday, 10.03.2024

On the third day of our preparation weekend, we started with a team-building exercise before assigning responsibilities for the individual tasks and formats. The teams for social media, awareness, first aid, color groups, social media, workshops, excursions, parties, games, or field trips were determined, as well as which team members will conduct which workshops or for which we will invite experts. After the feedback round, all the tasks that need to be completed by the next preparation weekend in May were distributed.


For the second preparation weekend in May, the workshop concepts will have been worked out, the contemporary witnesses and experts invited, and excursions planned.